Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Beginnings

My big boy started school this year, here in Vic it is called Prep. So he did 6 months of three year old kinder, and a year of four year old kinder and now off to big boy school, sniff! But really he was so ready for it. Look how handsome he looks in his uniform. His first few days were a bit meh with him telling me it was boring, but now he has made a few friends and has a little bit of a crush on a lovely girl, he is enjoying it more. And I have made a friend, and a couple of people I say hi to not the same as friends! Hee hee. 

I received an offer for a place at Uni so I am off to Uni for the year to study a Grad Dip Ed in Education (Early Childhood) which qualifies me to be a four year old kinder teacher among other things. So the plan is to apply for work for next year, as long as it all goes to plan and I pass! Then next year we will be saving saving saving  and paying off debts and then maybe in the last half of the year start looking for a house to buy, eeekkkk/yay! Of course it is great to have plans but other people need to be on board with these plans too, ie my husband!!!! He needs a full time job. Hmmm.

So poor little Lita is stuck with no mummy 5 days a week and no Dylan either. She is being cared for by daddy two days a week, granny one day a week and daycare two days a week. She hates daycare, sigh. Hates it. She is so used to being with me. And at home. I am hoping she gets used to it, at the moment she is sad oh so sad about going. This morning when I dropped her off she started crying as we pulled in to the centre, then was putting her seatbelt back on when I was trying to get her out of the car. So very sad is our Lita, our almost birthday girl, turning 2.

The christmas holidays flew by. We did lots of fun things like roller skating, bowling, a trip to adventure park in Geelong, movies, playdates, the pool and lots of playing with each other. I read many, many books 10 at least which was great. I adore reading I forgot how great reading is. I have always been a avid reader but for many years during my twenties and early thirties kind of lost the love for reading but it has returned although this year I will be reading more school books than fun books but that is ok, I will have the rest of my life to read. I hope my kids love reading too, Dylan loves being read to and Adelita is starting to get into it so there is a great potential for them to adore it too.

So new beginnings for us all and here's hoping for a successful prep/uni/daycare year!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I just came accross this draft for a post that I wanted to do ages ago so here it is.

I have been meaning to write this post for a while I wanted to write about some of the cute things Dylan says. I might add to it now and then too, more for me than anyone else so I can remember all of this in the future. And just to add this is in no way me laughing at the way he pronounces words I think it is adorable.

Today I asked Dylan if Adelita was sleeping in her car seat and he said "Yes he is seeping" and then I said "She is so cute isn't she like a doll" to which he replied "He looks like a seeping eye doll".


Heddatopter - helicopter

Alita - adelita

Gumma - grandma

Ganny - granny

Millamelon - watermelon

Buzdyearlight- buzzlightyear

Tookar - Guitar

Gracey - Gravy

Wow it is working again.

I have seriously neglected my blog for many, many months because the silly thing would not publish my posts but ha ha I have checked today and it is now publishing posts yay yay hip hip hooray.

OMG so much has happened since the last post. Where to begin. I don't actually have enough time right now to do a humungous catch up entry so will write this list as a teaser.

Holiday planning
Weight loss
Old laptop
New laptop

See lots to catch up on. Stay tuned.

A school holiday play date

With lovely friends Abi, Evie, Niamh and Griffin. Playing girly games, boyish games, silly games, bouncing games, make believe games and building games.
Eating yummy food homemade organic beef sausage rolls, Anna's scrumptious choc chip bread (I am making some tomorrow), fruit, sandwiches, drinking milk and coffees for the mummies.
Laughing, cuddling, dancing and silliness.
A perfect playdate on a wintery afternoon.

The perfect Sunday afternoon?

Could it get much better than this, a hot cup of tea, a pile of decadent sweets and an interesting book on a cold Sunday afternoon. Of course in reality I will read only a few pages, take only a few bites and have only a few sips because I have little ones to tend to but that brief moment I get to myself this afternoon I will thoroughly enjoy.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Walking and words

Adelita is walking hooray. She had been cruising and pushing things around for ages months even. And had been walking from thing to thing just a few steps. And she had been able to stand up by herself for a few weeks as long as she felt she had something there to support her if she lost her balance. So two weeks ago she just started walking she stood up and walked it was very exciting we wooped and hurrahed and got very excited. For a few days after this she was still crawling and doing a bit of walking but then only 3 days after she started walking she just became a walker as in she actually very rarely crawls now. And is she proud of herself. You bet she is.

The last few days she has learnt a few new words. Duck is one of them. Ow for when she bumps her head or something. And oh which is supposed to bed oh oh when she does something she thinks she is not supposed like she was tearing up a catalogue the other day (tearing up things is one of her favourite things to do) and she was saying "Oh" with each rip and looking at me so cute!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy first birthday my little ladybug.

First birthday

As you can see we had a ladybug party for Adelita's first birthday. It's become a bit of a joke and a slight obsession really with my dear friend A even saying to me "You know she's not a ladybug!". But I just have grown to adore ladybug's and every time I see something with a ladybug on it I am tempted to get it for Adelita. So far she has many ladybug toys, ladybug tops, hats, bibs, shoes, hair clips, and three pairs of ladybig pyjamas to grow into, LOL. What a nut I am. So the theme was ladybugs and I found these super cute first birthday invites at spotlight with ladybugs and butterflies on them and matching party stuff like serviettes, whistles, hats, etc. I then went mad on Ebay getting ladybug themed things for the party bags. It is absolutely amazing what is on Ebay. And of course I made a ladybug cake, not my best effort but I rushed it in the end. But good enough. There was also ladybug balloons and my girl wore a ladybug spotted top with a black tutu, frilly nappy pants, ladybug hair clip (which mostly stayed in) and ladybug sandals, oh so cute. And yes slightly over the top but she looked divine. The party was fabulous with my girl and boy having a fantastic time and little Adelita was very spoilt. Lots of lovely gifts. Some of my faves were a beautiful babushka doll themed music box, ladybug spinning top and cute red ladybug top for winter. My in laws had a rather large rocking horse made for her much to my dismay because A they didn't ask us, B I wanted to get her one a different sort too, and C it really is quite big and our bedrooms are not huge. But they really meant well. I guess it is the sort of rocking horse my mother in law would have loved herself as a little girl and never had and also wanted to get for her own daughter but never had one, so there you go. I am sure when Adelita is big enough she will adore it. And it is such good solid quality it will be able ot be handed down to future generations like some of the furniture Adelita has now from her great grandmother.

Another baby?

So my girl is one, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Gee that year went quickly. And she has done so much. And come so far from a precious newborn to a pre toddler all in a year. Wow. That went quick. And the next question is do I want to do it again in the near future. Yes I do. I do want another baby and I do want another child. And hubby has said yes. And I am teetering towards going for number 3 at this point. But do I want to do another hard and potentially harder pregnancy, hmmmm. Is it worth it to put my body through it all again. Do i want to do yet another bad labour. I can only assume that these are the realities of another pregnancy and birth. I do not want to have a caesarean and I do not want to have an epidural so that leaves battling it out naturally. I had SPD and high blood pressure and huge weight gains last time do I want that again. The other thing is that hubby has said he does not want to be too old having our third so has suggested trying this year and I am not and don't think I will be ready this year so all of these things to consider. Plus can we afford it. I have spent far too much money on Adelita so would I do the same thing for number three. Possibly. But we cannot afford that. And then when will I go back to work to study and when will be buy our house. Plus I want to lose weight like a lot of weight and I would like to be at my goal wight before falling pregnant so I have at least 15 kgs to get there. I am on the right track though having started lite n easy this week. I will probably do it for a month and then try and go it alone as it is pretty exxy! Hmmmmm a lot to consider. To me I think it would be all worth it to have busy christmases and a full dining table and to squeeze just one more lovely child into my car. LOL. And to fit one more of the gorgeouses that we produce into our lives.

My girl

Something funny Adelita is doing at the moment is smacking her lips when she is hungry, wants milk or sees food and wants it. Very cute. The milk thing has a bit more to it she comes up to me and nuzzles into my cleavage giving it a kiss, and then smacks her lips and looks up at me as if to say "Come on get them out!". LOL. I love it. Dylan did not do this. As my friend A said Dylan knew that there was a time and a place for milk, not that I instilled that in him particularly that was just our breastfeeding relationship. He had boob in the morning sometimes during the day and at night he had a bottle. I was working 3 days a week when Dylan was Adelita's age so it was all different and him and I weren't as good at it as Adelita and I are. She has it during the night all day if she wants and before sleep. But I think perhaps this makes her not as hungry for solid food. Anyway.

Another thing that is different is Adelita is on the verge of walking. She can stand by herself and can take a few steps between things and she is walking everywhere around the house pushing her dolly pram around and anything else she gets her hands on. She is really quite good at it. I think she will be walking properly within the next month. Dylan was 15 and a half months so I am thinking she will be younger. Not much talking here though. Just dada mumma and ta.

Just watched her putting the correct shape in a shape sorter, genius of course! She just loves putting things into things and taking them out which makes it easy when packing things up at music. As soon as the activity is finished and the bag comes out she holds her instrument up and starts going "ta, ta" and puts hers and mine away.

New trampoline

I was so excited like a little girl on christmas eve waiting for this trampoline I got off ebay for Dylan. Sadly it arrived and then he had to wait for 3 days before it could be put up but he did ok. He was very surprised. Now it is up and he is so excited about it. He said to me today "I am so happy about my new trampoline thanks mummy!" cute huh. So excited for him. He has so many things my brother and I didn't have like a trampoline, a cubby, swingset etc. My mum was always so tight with her money and worried that we never go that sort of stuff. I guess also nowadays it is all so much more available and more price friendly to get.